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Introducing The New Christian Louboutin Greekaba Collection — Perfect For Summer Getaways

To continue Christian Louboutin’s ‘Caba’ series, the Maison has announced their latest capsule collection, Greekaba. Adorned with signature styles while entrenching his infatuation for travel and rich, vibrant prints, Christian Louboutin, accompanied by Greek artist Konstantin Kakanias, take us on a Greek journey with the new collection. Embodying a modern-day odyssey, the collection reveals two distinct cabas emulating the land and sea of Greece — and has landed just in time for summer holidays.

Featuring playful palettes, the duo delicately evokes the true nature of the Greek land through an intricate design highlighted by a series of motifs and drawings representing the friezes of Greek legacy in warm earthy tones. A journey full of twists, matte white Caraspikes — akin to the famous Santorini-style homes — makeover the signature style while satin and metal pearls line the handles. The Caba will also have a smaller bucket style, the Loubiphore version, and a delightful shoulder bag, the Carasky version.

Casting away into the blue Aegean Sea, Kakanias and Loubution headline the sea caba with a vivid, LoubiEye print lining designed to protect the owner against the ‘evil eye.’ Talisman-like tubular satin and metal pearls are precisely placed surrounding the LoubiEye, adding to the bag’s allure while deepening its connection to the Aegean Sea. Inspired by the boundless hues of whites and blues found among the Greek isles, the bag’s lining evokes a rich blue, powerful Loubi Odissey print that heroically depicts Louboutin and his companion, Miss Tependris. Like the land Caba, the sea Caba will be introduced in a Carasky version, and the bucket, Loubiphore silhouette.

Ending the journey, the Greekaba collection will offer a capsule of women’s and men’s shoes and accessories sharing the same dynamic color range from earthy tones to the beautiful Aegean blue tones of the sea.


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